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In Abdulla’s latest image from his personal series Go Home, he explores the idea of mental stability whilst living through lockdown. 

I couldn’t help but relate it to a rollercoaster of emotions, of never knowing when it will end with the highs and lows, the freedom then the rules. So I wanted to create the feeling of being on a rollercoaster.”

Abdulla goes on to explain how the series came about and how it was created in lockdown:

“This series is about making up for lost time, I had plans to travel this year and shoot many talents but then COVID hit and changed it all. I contacted some of my friends I wanted to shoot this year and we collaborated on making this series.The idea was that I create a set, and photograph myself in it, I then would send the talent different poses and they then would recreate the pose, I then put them where I was and make it look like I shot them in my bedroom.”