photographer & director

Peter Beavis’ photography is fuelled by his natural sense of fun and adventure. He draws inspiration from the vibrancy, freedom and neo-tribalism of youth culture; and the drive, passion and energy associated with sports. Immersing himself in the lifestyles of those whom he shoots, Beavis quickly fosters a unique and direct rapport with each of his subjects. This, in turn, affords unprecedented access and leads to his authentically candid visual storytelling style.

Beavis’ work spans diverse fields of portraiture, lifestyle and advertising and yet his obsession with carefully curating the visual components of colour and light, coupled with his desire to create something organic, authentic and original, unify his every shot.

Clients include Adidas, Apple, Allianz, American Express, British Airways, Budweiser, BMW, BP, BT, Canon, Coca Cola, DHL, Dove, E.On, Etihad Airways, Finnair, Ford, Gore-Tex, Liberty, Master Card, Philips, Qatar Airways, Samsung, Sky, Sony, Visa, Visit Britain, Vodafone, Volkswagen & more.

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