Boutique Artists is a modern, forward thinking agency representing a diverse roster of artists across disciplines from photography to motion to CGI to illustration. Each of our artists is handpicked for their unique eye and style.

Not only does each artist fall into a specific discipline but they also collaborate, integrating photography and illustration, CGI and photography and so on.

We are fully committed to green production and sustainability to protect our planet and its resources.


All of our artists are happy to step in at the start of a project and liaise with the creative department on how to best approach a brief in terms of style, creativity and budget; we call it "creative partnering".


We offer full production support on all projects. Whatever scope the project, we give the same amount of consideration to ensure that every shoot is smooth running and a great experience for all involved.


Over the years we’ve come across some incredible artists, both in the UK and overseas. If you’re looking for an artist for a specific project, our art buying service can assist in finding the best creative for your brief.